Andy Pawhol Artist Cat Collar


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Andy Pawhol Cat Collar

This unique and colorful cat collar is inspired by the Pop Art legend Andy Warhol, now reimagined as "Andy Pawhol." It is a perfect way to show your love of cats and art. The collar is made of soft yet strong materials and is fitted with a safety breakaway clasp that will break free should your cat get caught on anything. It also features a matching 20mm enamel charm.


  • Soft yet strong materials
  • Safety breakaway clasp
  • Matching 20mm enamel charm
  • Fully adjustable
  • Longest length 260mm
  • Smallest length 160mm
  • Imported from England. Shipped from USA


  • Makes your cat stand out from the rest
  • Celebrates the life and times of artistic felines
  • Keeps your cat safe
  • Makes a great gift for cat lovers

How to use:

  • Measure your cat's neck to determine the correct size.
  • Adjust the collar to fit snugly but not too tightly.
  • Secure the collar with the safety breakaway clasp.

Order your Andy Pawhol Cat Collar today and let your cat express their inner artist! Limited Supplies available.