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Introducing KBShimmer Anything Is Popsicle Nail Polish - Where Nostalgia Meets Dazzling Beauty!

Step back in time to the carefree days of the 80s, when summers were all about endless adventures in the neighborhood, streetlights signaling the end of yet another epic day. But what made those hot days truly unforgettable? The unmistakable sound of the ice cream truck approaching, promising a world of frozen delights. Cherry popsicles, orange push pops, and cartoon-shaped treats with gumball eyes - it was a time when anything was possible with cash in hand!

**A Sweet Treat for Your Nails:**
🍒 Anything Is Popsicle is a delightful homage to those lip-staining summer treats. This nail polish features a pink-leaning cherry jelly base that captures the essence of those iconic flavors. But there's more to it than just nostalgia. We've loaded it with micro holographic flakes that create a blinding sparkle in the sunlight, making your nails shine with the brilliance of a thousand suns.

**Rainbow Magic in Every Bottle:**
🌈 As the sun sets or when you find yourself in lower lighting, the real magic happens. The rainbow color-shifting flakes in Anything Is Popsicle come out to play, transforming your nails into a mesmerizing spectacle of shifting colors. It's like having a party on your fingertips!

**Easy Application, Captivating Results:**
💅 Applying Anything Is Popsicle is as easy as reliving those childhood memories. The smooth formula ensures even coverage, and two coats are all you need to capture the full beauty of this shade. Whether you're a nail art enthusiast or simply want to add a touch of nostalgia to your manicure, this nail polish delivers captivating results.

**A Slice of Summer All Year Long:**
🍒 Don't let the summer vibes end! With Anything Is Popsicle, you can carry a slice of those sunny, ice cream truck-filled days with you all year long. Each bottle contains a generous net weight of 15 ml, ensuring you have enough of this delightful shade to indulge your inner child.

**Experience the Magic:**
🌈 Relive the magic of your 80s summer adventures with KBShimmer Anything Is Popsicle Nail Polish. Order your bottle today and let your nails become a canvas of nostalgia and dazzling beauty. It's time to make your nails pop with a touch of childhood wonder!

Type: Jelly w/Flakes
Base Type: 5 Free Base
Glitter Load: None
Glitter Size: None
Recommended Coats: Best worn in 2-3 coats.