Finchberry 3 Piece Christmas Holiday Gift Set | Cranberry Chutney


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Introducing the FinchBerry Cranberry Chutney 3-Piece Holiday Gift Box Set, a delightful ensemble designed for gifting joy during the festive season.

This beautifully curated collection includes:

  • A luscious bar of Cranberry Chutney soap
  • A luxurious bottle of Cranberry Chutney Fizzy Salt Soak
  • An elegant dark pink Silicone Soap Dish.

The star of this set, the Cranberry Chutney soap, boasts a delightful blend of fragrances that dance like sugarplum fairies in your senses. Its rich lather and moisturizing properties make each bath a sensory journey into a world of holiday indulgence. 

Accompanying the soap is the Cranberry Chutney Fizzy Salt Soak, a bath-time treasure that transforms any tub into a spa-like oasis. As you soak, the invigorating cranberry scent fills the air, while the effervescent salts work their magic on your tired muscles, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

To complete this festive trifecta, the set includes a dark pink Silicone Soap Dish, a stylish and practical addition to any bathroom. Its sleek design perfectly complements the holiday spirit, adding a touch of elegance to the daily routine.

This Christmas Holiday, share the gift of FinchBerry with your loved ones. Whether it's for a cherished friend, a family member, or even as a treat for yourself, the Cranberry Chutney 3-Piece Holiday Box Set is the embodiment of holiday warmth, luxury, and indulgence, encapsulated in a beautifully packaged gift set that's ready to spread joy and cheer.