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Introducing KBShimmer's Feeling Good Reflective Nail Polish - Where Bold Color Meets Reflective Magic!

Reflective Nail Polish goes on like traditional nail polish, but it is loaded with tiny reflective particles this product comes to life in the light, showcasing a luminous finish that sparkles like diamonds.

Just like certain foods can ignite passionate debates (candy corn, cilantro, anyone?), we all have our personal favorites that make our taste buds dance with delight. For some, it's the unmistakable allure of black licorice that truly hits the spot. Whether it's those dark jellybeans, long licorice ropes, or the vibrant pink and white coated licorice bits, these tasty treats have the power to make your tummy feel good. And now, we've bottled up that feel-good sensation in the form of KBShimmer Feeling Good Reflective Nail Polish.

**A Pink That Demands Attention:**
💖 Feeling Good is not your average pink nail polish. This is bold, daring, and unapologetically vibrant. Loaded with reflective pigment, it boasts a hot pink hue that's impossible to ignore. In the light, it comes alive, casting a radiant glow that will keep you entranced by your own nails. But that's not all – in lower light, this shade transforms into a mesmerizing blend of darker pink with hints of peach and gold tones. It's a nail color that's as dynamic as you are.

**The Magic of Reflective Pigment:**
💖 What sets Feeling Good apart is its incredible reflective pigment. With each movement of your hands, your nails will catch the light and send off sparks of dazzling brilliance. Whether you're basking in the sun's rays or simply enjoying the soft glow of a candlelit dinner, your nails will steal the spotlight.

**Easy Application and Long-Lasting Finish:**
💖 To achieve the full potential of Feeling Good, we recommend applying two thin coats. For an added touch of glamour, pair it with our Smooth Moves glitter topper. Finish with a quick-dry topcoat like our Clearly On Top for an ultra-smooth and long-lasting finish. With a generous net weight of 15 ml (0.5 fl. oz), you'll have plenty of this stunning pink reflective polish to indulge your inner glam queen.

**Note:** While all our product photos are from the same batch, keep in mind that lighting, skin tones, and camera settings may affect the brightness and tone in the images. The reflective color of Feeling Good may vary depending on the intensity of the light.

Don't miss your chance to embrace the daring beauty of KBShimmer Feeling Good Reflective Nail Polish. It's the perfect way to express your unique style and radiate confidence with every flick of your nails. Order your bottle today and get ready to make a bold statement wherever you go!