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Introducing KBShimmer's Guava Nice Day Nail Polish - Sip Your Way to Tropical Paradise!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a pristine tropical beach, with the sun kissing your skin and the sound of waves in the distance. What's missing? A delicious, locally-inspired drink in hand, of course! At many tropical destinations, that perfect beachside beverage takes its inspiration from the vibrant local fruits. Guava, with its radiant pinky coral interior, has the power to make any beachgoer's day a little brighter, especially when it's served with that extra touch of paradise!

**Sip & Paint Your Nails with Guava Nice Day:**
🏝️ Guava Nice Day is more than just a nail polish; it's a bottled slice of tropical paradise. This faded neon coral creme captures the essence of guava's luscious color, bringing a touch of the tropics to your fingertips. The near-neon shade is a stunning choice that complements a wide range of skin tones and offers a burst of vibrant coral that's perfect for any sunny adventure.

**Sunkissed Glow in a Bottle:**
🏝️ With its faded neon coral hue, Guava Nice Day is like capturing the glow of a perfect beach day on your nails. The color is a head-turner, and it covers flawlessly in just 2 coats, ensuring your nails are as vibrant as the tropical sunset.

**Tips for a Smooth Application:**
🏝️ As with most pastel shades, these pastel neons can be a bit tricky to apply. To achieve the best results, we recommend applying 3 thin layers, allowing each layer to dry between coats. Some bloggers have noted that floating the coats of polish and reducing the number of brush strokes can help achieve a smoother look. We also highly recommend following up with a coat of Clearly On Top, as it gives these shades a flawless, smooth finish.

**Your Passport to Paradise:**
🏝️ Escape to a tropical paradise every time you glance at your nails with KBShimmer's Guava Nice Day Nail Polish. Each bottle contains a world of vacation vibes and the promise of unforgettable adventures.

**Join the Tropical Nail Party:**
🏝️ Don't miss out on the chance to bring a touch of the tropics to your nails. Order your bottle of Guava Nice Day today and paint your way to a sun-soaked, beach-inspired manicure that's bound to make waves wherever you go!

Net weight 15ml