Jungjak Korean Green Tea (12 bags)

Apolis Tea

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Origin: Jeju Island, South Korea Flavor: sweet grass, miso, bamboo Korean green teas have a long, fascinating, and turbulent history. Here in the United States they are difficult to find but we've had a great time getting to know a few. The flavor of Korean teas tends to be midway between Japanese and Chinese green teas: a fresh, green flavor that is also mellow and easy to drink. Our Jungjak yields a refreshing, brothy cup with no astringency and bright yellow-green color. Look for notes of grass, hay, bamboo, and even a touch of miso. Teas come in a powder-coated glass mason jar, approximately 3 inches diameter by 5 inches tall.

  • Contains 12 tea bags
  • Net weight 1.1 ounces