Purple Tea Trio with Spoon

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What is purple tea? Purple tea is an entirely new category of tea! Purple tea is produced from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which is the same plant from which black, green, oolong, and other types of tea are made. Purple tea is low in caffeine (less than green tea, slightly more than white tea).
  • PURPLE TEA TRIO: A variety pack of our top selling Purple Tea flavors: Purple Rain, Purple Jasmine, Purple Chocolate.
  • PREMIUM STACKING TINS: Each tin perfectly stacks together.
  • Comes with a hand-carved Kenyan teaspoon.
  • AWARD-WINNING: Taste and Packaging
  • FAIR TRADE VERIFIED: Direct-Fair-Trade from our partners in Kenya. Small-batch and hand-plucked.
  • 15+ CUPS PER FLAVOUR: Re-steep for 30 cups. Total per unit is 45 cups (re-steep for 90).
  • Net weight: 102g/3.6oz
  • GARDEN TO CUP FRESHNESS Our direct-trade partnership gives you the freshest tea possible and the farmer a fair wage.
  • PURPLE SUPER LEAF: A cultivar that naturally grows purple tea leaves, similar to other healthy purple superfoods like blueberries and acai.
  • ANTIOXIDANT BOOST: Purple Tea contains more antioxidants than Kenyan green tea with half the caffeine.
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Organically grown, no pesticides or chemicals are sprayed on our tea leaves.