Blue Velvet Blend Whole Bean Coffee (No. Six Depot)

No. Six Depot

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Bob Dylan said all he did was " play three cords and the truth." The same can be said of No. Six Depot's Blue Velvet Coffee blend. From bean to cup, they keep it simple and true. A deep, chocolatey blend of Indian Monsooned Malabar and Ethiopia Amaro Gayo (natural) which has almost no acidity whatsoever. 

  • Malty, smooth decadent coffee blend of Indian Malabar & Ethiopia Amaro Gayo Beans
  • Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Sweet Blueberry
  • Profile: Medium +
  • Variety: Kents, Ethiopian Heirloom
  • Whole Bean
  • Elevation 4-6500 feet
  • Process Natural, Monsooned
  • Net Weight 12 oz / 340 grams
  • Roasted in Berkshires, Massachusetts in small batches in the oldest train station