Satin Lined Flexi Shower Cap | Terracotta Checker Pattern


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Kitsch's Satin Lined Flexi Shower Cap

  • Extra-wide size & waterproof shell fully covers hair & preserves your style. The extra-wide size of this shower cap ensures that your hair is fully covered, even if you have long or thick hair. The waterproof shell also helps to keep your hair dry and protected from the moisture and humidity of the shower.
  • Tuck-free! The open-back design makes it easy to keep all loose hair dry. The open-back design of this shower cap means that you don't have to worry about tucking in any loose hair, which can be a hassle and can also lead to frizz.
  • Unique adjustable back wire closure delivers a secure & comfortable fit for most hair lengths. The adjustable back wire closure allows you to get a secure and comfortable fit, no matter how long your hair is. This means that you can be sure that your shower cap will stay in place and won't fall off.
  • Luxurious satin lining is gentle on most hair types & keeps hair frizz-free. The luxurious satin lining of this shower cap is gentle on most hair types and helps to prevent frizz. This means that you can wear this shower cap without worrying about damaging your hair.
  • Super-soft inner layer offers extra comfort for a spa-like shower experience. The super-soft inner layer of this shower cap adds an extra layer of comfort, making your shower experience more enjoyable.