OO-Mango-Long Tea

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The Fujian Province of China is the birthplace for the semi-oxidized Oolong teas. Oolong teas, aka wulong or black dragon, are made from large leaves that are produced in the late Spring. Unlike other types of tea that contain the top leaves and the buds of the bush, oolong teas are large well formed leaves that will sometimes also contain the stem of the bush. Oolongs differ from green, black and white teas by the method of processing and are the most labor intensive tea to produce. Each type of Oolong varies in the percentage of oxidation and the method in which it is processed (some are twisted, tippy leaves, some are cut, some are rolled into small balls). This tea is a delightful blend of Chinese Oolong tea and mango essence, interspersed with golden petals, and steeps to a light ecru cup with long olive-green leaves. The taste is sweet and refreshing, with a light mango flavor.

  • Ingredients: China Oolong tea, marigold petals, and mango flavor.
  • 4 oz tin of loose leaf tea