Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters - Peru Black Label: Salkantay Reserve Coffee

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This exceptional Peruvian coffee comes to us from the Cusco region of Peru, a growing region with a strong connection to us here at Snowy Owl, as we have repeatedly purchased some of our most popular single origin coffees from this area.  Salkantay is the name of the farm operating under the larger Huadquiña cooperative, a cooperative which has seen exponential growth and improvement in recent years. Despite existing since the 1960s, a major aspect of Huadquiña’s success can be attributed to their release from the rule of a larger coop which restricted the quality of the coffees Huadquiña was capable of producing. The Huadquiña cooperative is located in the La Convencion Valley, a difficult-to-reach, high-altitude location, with farms producing mainly bourbon, typica, and caturra varieties of beans. The coffee produced in this unique region by Salkantay is characterized by flavors of caramel, dark chocolate and pomelo with a big mouthfeel.

  • Whole Bean
  • Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate, Pomelo, Caramel
  • Ingredients: Coffee
  • Washed Processing Method
  • Net Wt. 10.0 OZ
  • Roasted in Massachusetts