Magnetic Stainless Steel Rail for Stainless Sinks

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This Danish design dishcloth rail pairs perfectly with Swedish dishcloths. It keeps the cloth out of sight and allows it to dry quickly. The rail is placed inside sink while 2 counter magnets are put outside sink (inside cabinet) opposite magnets on the rail. No screws needed. The counter magnets come with stickers to make sure that the backside magnets stay in place. You can easily take the holder on and off the sink as you wish. This Stainless Steel Rail comes with regular magnets intended for stainless steel sinks. Comes with everything needed. This rail also works for hanging pot holders directly to an appliance such as BBQ grill. If a magnet adheres then the rail will adhere. The rail and magnets should not be washed in dishwasher. 2 year warranty on the rail. Designed + Made in Denmark. Stainless steel dishcloth rail is available in Regular and Special Strong. This is the Regular listing.